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Account Executive

Georgiana Johnson is a highly motivated, successful change agent. She plans strategically to drive business, process and IT change while managing customer expectations. Her rational and analytical approach to problem solving enables her to embrace problems and break them down into manageable solutions.  

Georgiana is passionate about making a difference and has an innate ability to create a trusted rapport with a wide range of people. Her great leadership skills and confidence help her navigate highly politicised environments to drive innovation.  

Over the last four years working within local government, Georgiana has driven innovation and change. She has navigated the complexities and challenges within today's local government environment and learned first-hand how to break through these constraints.    

Georgiana is nationally recognised and respected for the knowledge, advice and experience she brings to local government conversations. She is a firm believer in helping people to understand the power of new age technology to deliver higher ROI.    

Georgiana now holds an Account Executive role within Datacom’s Local Government team, where she will continue to change how councils adapt to new technologies to get award-winning results for both organisations and their communities.