Justin Wilcox Speaker


Customer Dev Labs

5 years in, Justin had a promising engineering career ahead of him at Microsoft. Until he gave it all up to start a healthcare software company. After 18 months, and $50k cash, Justin's startup had built incredible technology...that no one wanted. His company was an engineering marvel, and a business failure.

Justin learned the hard way, it wasn't products that mattered...it was problems. Namely his customer's problems. Justin began vigorously learning and applying Lean Startup within his company, and in doing so, transformed it into a success. Knowing how difficult it is, Justin now coaches entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs on how to apply Lean Startup in the field, via the FOCUS Framework: a step-by-step guide on how to practice Lean Startup.

Justin works with Fortune 500 companies including Google, Microsoft, HP, and Intel, is a global mentor for Startup Weekend, Startup NEXT, Founder Institute, is a regular speaker at the Lean Startup Conference and circles the globe enabling Lean Startup innovation from Silicon Valley to Serbia to Singapore. More about Justin, and how to practice Lean Startup at his blog.